De Facto Juristbyrå in Malmö provides help and support when you aim to work, run your own business or seek asylum in Sweden. Additional services include situations when you want to be reunited with your family here.

De Facto Juristbyrå also assists you when it comes to legal disputes, which includes both private and business law.

Moreover, the lawyers at De Facto Juristbyrå speak several languages, ​​so you can speak to us directly and in person, without any need of an interpreter.

Welcome to De Facto Juristbyrå AB, where each customer is treated with personal and sincere commitment!


De Facto Juristbyrå AB offers its ample experience that will benefit you when you hire us. We are the team of experienced lawyers with all necessary skills that you will ever need in legal matters relating to immigration, family and business law.

Our company possesses descent knowledge about society and your rights – and how to get both interact and complement each other in the most beneficial way. Even more, we have the empathy and understanding that you will need when you face critical questions and have to make difficult decisions.

Providing understanding, help and support for you as our client has always been the guiding principle of De Facto Juristbyrå.



De Facto Juristbyrå AB assists and guides you throughout the entire process of application for residence permits, which can be for yourself, your husband or wife, partner or relative who is currently abroad, i.e. your connections.

According to Swedish law, you always have the right to hire an attorney that will represent you during the application process. If you are seeking asylum in Sweden, you are usually entitled to a public counsel appointed by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Public counsel, your legal representative

A public counsel is a lawyer who works independently from the authorities in order to safeguard your interests. Swedish government covers the expenses for the public counsel. Additionally, you have the right to object on who should be your public counsel.

We have a clear understanding of what it means to seek refuge in a foreign country.

The lawyers at De Facto Juristbyrå AB has already won a great number of asylum law cases and have extensive experience in working with clients who seek asylum.

We also help with appeals against the Migration Agency decisions or to the Migration Court, in cases when the Migration Agency or the Migration Court has examined your case and rejected it.


If you want to apply for Swedish citizenship, we are here to help you with your application and your contacts with Swedish authorities.

Family reunification

De Facto Juristbyrå AB has great expertise in areas of law relating to family reunification within the EU law. We will give you advice and provide help in all matters relating to mobility within the EU and EEA, both when you want to establish business in Sweden or work here.

We also have vast experience of Danish cases and help those who want to move from Denmark to Sweden and settle here.


De Facto Juristbyrå AB also works with all types of issues relating to family law.

We assist you with different types of family agreements such as legally valid prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, division of property agreements, powers of attorney, deeds, wills.

Probate, testament and inheritance cases are also part of our expertise.

De Facto Juristbyrå AB is your knowledgeable and experienced support in family disputes. We can be your representative in proceedings for divorce and in delicate matters of children’s best interests, such as custody issues, housing and visiting rights.


The most common and most sensitive issues arising from marital separation are those involving children. Where will the children live? How will custody be distributed? And what rules should apply in terms of relations between the parents and children? You must take these questions into consideration when it comes to marital separation and having help from an experienced, wise and compassionate attorney puts you at a great advantage.

Division of property

Division of property is performed during the process of separation or divorce. Assets and liabilities should be divided between the parties, but it can be difficult to determine what type of property should be included in the division. Sometimes the matter becomes more complicated, especially in cases when different countries’ laws apply.

De Facto Juristbyrå AB has strong expertise and long-term experience in both international and Swedish family law. Therefore, we can be your strong support and provide guidance on what applies in disputes concerning custody, residence and access and division of property.


Primarily, De Facto Juristbyrå AB specializes in three brunches of business law: contract law, company law and depths.

We will help you establish agreements that will guarantee your safety when making business deals, allowing you to avoid disputes and economic setbacks. We can also assist you in cases when your agreement, or lack of it, is leading to disputes you cannot solve.

De Facto Juristbyrå AB advises you on the matters of company formation and gives you legal assistance in disputes about money. We also assist with bond issue and claims, as well as calculating bond value.


Tatsiana Turgot, LL. M. and owner

Tatsiana Turgot is in charge of De Facto Juristbyrå AB since 2011. She has special expertise in immigration law, EU or international law, family law, general property law and litigation.

Tatsiana Turgot received her education at the University of Lund and gained sufficiently long work experience in Copenhagen.

Proficiency in languages: Swedish, English, Danish, German, Russian.


De Facto Juristbyrå AB is located in the heart of Malmö and cannot wait to help you. Not a single legal issue is banal or insignificant for us, and we guarantee you commitment, knowledge and compassion.

Needless to say, we guarantee professional secrecy.

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