De Facto Juristbyrå was founded in 2011 and has undergone transformations since then. Our most important goals that we set out to be achieved by 2020 were as follows:

  • We are highly professional
  • Due to a changing world, we continuously adopt us to new technologies and methods used by professionals within the branch
  • We own high competence with regard to local markets though find solutions globally using our international presence and experience

To achieve these goals, different steps have been taken. And we have managed to achieve all our goals.

We have a long work experience from Denmark as well as knowledge of the language. We have a capacity to resolve cross-border matters (Denmark-Sweden), for example those related to the right of free movement under EU Directive 2004/38/EC.

Our Spanish office www.defactoagency.es has been functioning since 2015 on Costa Blanca. We focus on legal services related to Golden Visa applications, as well as real estate services offering our clients a personalized service related to property investment in Spain.

We have a capacity to provide legal support in matters related to the applications for residence permit as well as establishment of business in Andorra.

The founder of De Facto Juristbyrå AB is Tatsiana Turgot, LL.M. Tatsiana graduated from Law Faculty, University of Lund, Sweden, in January 2008. After graduation, she was employed as a consultant at one of Denmark’s largest management consulting companies participating as a legal expert in a wide range of international projects. In 2011, Tatsiana started De Facto Juristbyrå AB in Malmö as a local law office specializing in EU law, migration law, family law as well as commercial law. Our Spanish office has been providing legal and real estate services from 2015.

We speak fluently English, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Russian.